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Momentum Fitness was started by Danielle Mathews in 2021. Having worked at previous commercial gyms, it was made obvious that there were 3 clear barriers that blocked clients from reaching their goals; Gym intimidation, lack of availability on equipment and without mental health support clients would often fall back into old habits of crash diets, secret eating and lack of motivation. With this in mind, Danielle set out to open a private gym where clients are part of a community and have access to a safe space where they can train without judgement and get the support they need.

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Our aim is not only to provide affordable training for our clients but to also support mental health and wellbeing. Physical health begins with the mind. We must first understand the barriers placed between our current self and who we want to become and learn how we can grow. With our expert trainers, resources, accountability and your hunger to become the best version of yourself we know we can provide the best possible service to get you the optimal results you deserve.

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Momentum Fitness is a private gym, providing a space that is both unique and personable, to book a 1on1 training session or find out more contact us here

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